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Information on Data Protection

Use of this website may involve the processing of personal data. We would like to provide you with an overview of this processing by means of the following information to ensure you fully comprehend this processing. In addition, we would like to inform you regarding your rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and under the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

The legal person responsible for the data processing is dpa Picture-Alliance GmbH, Gutleutstr. 110, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us”).

Table of Contents

  1. General Information
    1. Contact
    2. General Information on Data Processing
    3. Storage Duration
    4. Technical Service Providers
    5. Security
  2. Processing of Server Log Files
  3. Contact
  4. Registration for and use of the image database
  5. Cookies when using the image database
  6. Use of your data for our own promotional purposes
  7. Surveys
  8. Job Applications
  9. Your Rights
  10. Right of Objection
  11. Withdrawal of Consent
  12. Data Protection Officer
  13. Complaint to a Supervisory Authority

1. General Information

a - Contact
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this information, or would like to contact us in order to assert your rights, please address your request to:

dpa Picture-Alliance GmbH
Gutleutstraße 110
60327 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: +49 69 2716-0

b - General Information on Data Processing

When using this website, personal data may be processed. In terms of data protection legislation, the concept “personal data” refers to all information concerning an identified or identifiable person. An IP address may also be a personal piece of information. An IP address is assigned by the internet provider to every device connected to the internet, so that it is able to send and receive data. We process personal data in compliance with the relevant data protection provisions, in particular of the GDPR and the BDSG. Any data processing on our part occurs exclusively on the basis of legal authorization. We process personal data only with your consent (Art. 6 Par. 1 a) GDPR), for the fulfilment of a contract, to which you are a contracting party, or at your request for implementing pre-contractual measures (Art. 6 Par 1 b) GDPR), for compliance with a legal obligation (Art. 6 Par. 1 c) GDPR), or if the processing is necessary to secure our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party, insofar as your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms, which require the protection of personal data, do not override these (Art. 6 Par. 1 f) GDPR). When you submit an application to us, your personal data will be processed for the purpose of deciding on the reasons for a relationship of employment (§ 26 Par. 1 BDSG).

c - Storage duration

Insofar as nothing else ensues from the following information, we save the data only for as long as required to achieve the purpose of the processing, or for the fulfilment of our contractual or statutory obligations. Statutory storage obligations of this kind may arise in particular out of commercial or fiscal regulations. In this case, we will block the use of your data for other purposes.

d - Technical Service Providers

Insofar as nothing else ensues from the following information, the processing of the data occurs within the European Union and on our own servers and/or on the servers of technical service providers commissioned by us for the purpose. These service providers process the data only following express instruction and are contractually bound to maintain adequate technical and organizational measures for data protection. In consequence, our service providers are engaged by us as so-called contracted processors in terms of Art. 28 GDPR.

e - Security

We will take all the necessary technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data against loss or misuse. This means that your data will be saved in a secure operational environment that is inaccessible to the public. In certain cases, your personal data will be encrypted during transmission using the so-called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This means that the communication between your computer and our servers - e.g. when transferring a contract including your company data via our contract system - takes place using a recognized encryption method, provided that your browser supports SSL.

2. Processing of Server Log Files

When using our website for the purpose purely of gathering information, general information is saved automatically that your browser transmits to our servers. This includes as standard: Browser type/version, the operating system used, the page called up, the page visited previously (Referrer URL), IP address, date and time of the server request und HTTP status code.

Processing is done to maintain our legitimate interests and rests on the legal basis provided by Art. 6 Par. 1 f) GDPR. This processing serves the technical administration and the security of the website. The saved data are deleted, provided that there is no legitimate reason to suspect illegal use based on concrete indications, and additional checking and processing of the information is required for this reason.

3. Contact

Our website contains a contact form, by means of which you are able to send us messages or questions. All data fields marked as required are needed for processing your requests. Failure to provide the information will have the consequence that we are unable to process your request. Provision of other data is voluntary. Alternatively, you may send us an email via the addresses provided for the individual sections (e.g. licensing). The legal basis for data processing is Art. 6 Par. 1 b) GDPR.

4. Registration for and use of the image database

Registration is essential in order for you to gain access to our visual material and our image database. The details required for registration are clear from the registration input screen. Provision of the information marked as mandatory is required to allow you access to our archive and to be able to make visual material available to you in accordance with our General Terms of Business (GTB). If you do not provide the data marked as mandatory, you cannot receive registered access to our image database, nor secure any usage rights to the contents. In the event of an order, we also need these data for invoicing purposes. Please note that we may also use your data to clear up queries relating to your order and to provide you with information and reports relevant to your use of the image database. The processing of the relevant personal data relies on the legal basis contained in Art. 6 Par. 1 b) GDPR.

5. Cookies when using the image database

We make use of cookies in our image database. Cookies are small text files that are saved by your browser when you visit a website. In this way, the browser used is identified and can be recognized by our webserver. We make use exclusively of so-called Session-Cookies, which are required for technical session control when using our image database. These cookies are automatically deleted once your browser is closed. Insofar as the use of cookies leads to the processing of personal data, this relies on the legal basis of Art. 6 Par. 1 b) GDPR, as these cookies are required in order to use the image database.

You can delete the cookies in the security settings of your browser at any time. You may object to the use of cookies categorically or in certain cases through your browser settings. The Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Federal German Office for Information Security) provides additional information on this at However, please note that on deactivating cookies you will not be able to use our image database.

6. Use of your data for our own promotional purposes / Newsletter

In addition, we make use of the data gathered in connection with your registration for our image database for our own promotional purposes to the extent permitted by the law (by email as well). Any processing in this regard relies on Art. 6 Par. 1 f) GDPR and serves our legitimate economic interests. At all times you have the option of objecting to the use of your data for promotional purposes. To do so, please contact us via one of the channels shown above. You may also object to promotion sent by email by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained in each email.

If you are nevertheless registered with us to receive a newsletter, the following applies in addition:

Following registration, we will provide you with regular information on current offers, products, dates and employment vacancies in the dpa group of companies. A valid email address is required to register for the newsletter. When you subscribe to the newsletter, we process your personal data, including your email address, your name and where applicable the company, for the purpose of dispatch and to check the ownership of the company. The legal basis for these processes is Art. 6 Par. 1 a) GDPR. You may withdraw consent at any time, by unsubscribing from our newsletter. For this purpose, you can make use of the unsubscribe link included in every email or send us a message via the abovementioned contact channels.

You will first receive a registration email in order to verify the email address, which you will have to confirm by means of a link (Double Opt-In). On registering for the newsletter, we also save the IP address, as well as the date and time of the registration. Processing these details is necessary in order to be able to prove that consent has been given. The legal basis arises from our statutory obligation to prove that you have given consent (Art. 6 Par. 1 c) in combination with Art. 7 Par. 1 GDPR).

We also analyse readers’ behaviour and the opening rate of our promotion by email and newsletter. For this, usage data, which we do not combine with your other data, is captured and processed by us under a pseudonym. The legal basis for the analysis of our promotion by email is Art. 6 Par. 1 f) GDPR, and the processing serves our legitimate economic interests of optimising our promotion. You may object to this processing at any time by rejecting receipt of promotion by email.

7. Surveys

We conduct occasional surveys on our website, our image database and related services. Please note that we collect and process your data if you participate. The participation in our surveys is voluntary.

The legal basis for the use of this information is your consent in accordance with Art. 6 Par. 1 a) GDPR. You can freely revoke your consent to the use of the information provided by you in a survey at any time with future effect. Simply send us a message via the abovementioned contact channels. Please note that the processing, which has been carried out until your revocation, is not affected by this.

8. Job applications

You will find our current employment vacancies in the “Jobs” section. If you would like to apply for a position with us, you will be referred to the online job application portal of dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH, Mittelweg 38, 20148 Hamburg (“dpa”). Processing of applications for employment within the dpa group of companies is conducted centrally. Before transmitting your application data, please take note of the privacy policy on the website.

As a matter of principle, your job application data are processed only for the purposes linked to your interest in current or future employment with us and to the processing of your application. Your job application will be processed and seen solely by the relevant contact person. All staff entrusted with processing the details are under obligation to ensure the confidentiality of your data. The legal basis for the data processing is § 26 Par. 1 BDSG.

9. Your rights

As the person concerned, you have the right to assert your rights with respect to us. In particular, you have the following rights in this regard:

10. Right of objection

In accordance with Art. 21 GDPR, you have the right to object to any processing relying on the legal basis of Art. 6 Par. 1 e) or f) GDPR. Insofar as personal data concerning you for the purpose of direct marketing including profiling is processed by us, you may object to this processing in accordance with Art. 21 Par. 2 and Par. 3 GDPR.

11. Withdrawal of consent

In accordance with Art. 7 Par. 3 GDPR, you may withdraw consent previously given. The legality of the processing that has taken place up to the withdrawal on the basis of the consent is not affected by a withdrawal of this kind. 

12. Data Protection Officer

You can reach our Data Protection Officer at the following addresses:

dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH
Data Protection Officer
PO Box 13 02 82
20102 Hamburg 

13. Complaint to a Supervisory Authority

If you are of the opinion that a case of processing personal data related to you infringes the provisions of the GDPR, you have the right in accordance with Art. 77 GDPR to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.