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Red carpet, fashionshow or royal wedding - wherever celebrities roa...

Year ender 2019

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Here you can find the photos of the most important events in 2019 -...


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Dive into the world of sports: Whether soccer, motorsports, Olympic...


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Zum 60. Geburtstag der Fußball-Europameisterschaft hat sich die UEF...

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Everlasting moments! Extensive coverage of all olympic games, olymp...

Commemoration days

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Remembering - the easy way! Here you will find image selections on ...


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Stories about humans and animals, destiny and luck, the best pictur...

GDR 1949-1990

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Events and developments

30th anniversary of the Fall of ...

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The Fall of the Berlin Wall - On November 9, 2019

70 years Federal Republic of Ger...

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Events and developments in 70 collections

Reuters Pictures

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National events with international relevance from news and economy ...

AP Images

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Discover here the outstanding production of AP and her most talente...

Invision by AP

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INVISION is your front row ticket to entertainment’s hottest stars ...


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From A to Z - for you we prepared the important and beautyfull pict...

US-Presidential Election 2020

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Präsidentschaftswahl in den Vereinigten Staaten am 3. November 2020

Donald Trump Presidency

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Donald Trump: History, family, funny pictures, graphics.

German History

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Welcome to our collection focusing on German history. Subdivided in...

Helmut Kohl

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His Life - his legacy

Public Relations Photo-Portal

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You are looking for up-to-date photos of companies, events, sponsor...

dpa-Themendienst portal

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From lifestyle to media, from health to travel - the dpa-Themendien...

DuMont travel picture portal

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Travel images of the DuMont picture atlas

1. FFC Frankfurt

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All about women's soccer club 1. FFC Frankfurt.

50 years - '68 student movement

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The student movement in the late 60' is an important part of the ge...

Winzige Aale ausgesetzt

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Etwa 1,1 Millionen wenige Zentimeter große junge Glasaale sollen in...