Sustainability - life 2.0

Renewable energy

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Solar heating systems, heat pumps and other innovative technologies.


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e-Scooter, electric cars, less emission - a way out of the 'old wor...

animal welfare and vegetarianism

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Better animal welfare, biological products, vegetarianism - a way ...

Fridays for Future

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Save the climate - Greta Thunberg started a worldwide protest initi...

No packaging

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No packaging, no waste!

Reducing air traffic?!

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Cheap flight tickets and a lot of people travelling by airplane pro...

Boiling down

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Feel free, boil down your fruits and vegetables..!

(Urban) Gardening

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Urban Gardening - eat what you plant!

Sustainability - Illustrations

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Sustainability - Illustrations and more....

smart factory / industry 4.0

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smart factory / industry 4.0 - the new way of optimized production ...

Public transport

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Modern public local transport as a chance to avoid the complete tra...

Organic food

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Eat better, eat organic - new food trends for more sustainability.

Cooking - Spring

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Cooking - Spring

Cooking - Summer

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Cooking - Summer

Cooking - Autumn

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Cooking - Autumn

Cooking - Winter

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Cooking - Winter