GDR 1949-1990

GDR - Heads of state

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From Pieck to Bergmann-Pohl

GDR - State Symbols and Orders

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Hammer, Compasses, Black-Red-Gold

GDR - Famous personalities

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From Aschenbach to Zweig

GDR - Founded in 1949

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Foundation of the German Democratic Republic on 07.10.1949

GDR - 1950s years

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Five Year Plan, Uprising and the Trabant

GDR - 1960s years

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Ulbricht, the television tower and an ice princess

GDR - The Wall 1961

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On 13.08.1961: A city is divided

GDR - 1970s years

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Honecker, UN Membership and a German astronaut in Space

GDR - 1980s years

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Ostrock, brother kiss and a round anniversary

GDR 1989/1990 Fall of the wall a...

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Monday demos, fall of the wall and reunification

GDR - Archive Treasures

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Luftige Höhen, Pausengymnastik und ein Lutschbonbon