30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

East Europe Revolutions

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Solidarnosc, Glasnost and the Velvet Revolution

Escape via the west german embas...

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Refugee camp, Genscher and Departure

Via Hungary to freedom

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Border Opening Hungary/Austria and a Pan-European Picnic

Peaceful Revolution

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Monday demonstrations, vigils and the call for freedom and unity

4 November: Protests Berlin Alex...

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Artists, civil rights activists and hundreds of thousands of demons...

GDR - Political Movements 1989/90

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New Forum, Democracy Now and the United Left

Fall of the Berlin Wall November...

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People celebrating on the wall: The border is open!

GDR government 1989/90

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Krenz, the round table and free elections

Storming the Stasi headquarters

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Occupation of Stasi offices, the end of the MfS and the Gauck autho...

German-German monetary union

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Die D-Mark, umstrittene Wechselkurse und Millionen alter Geldscheine

Two Plus Four Agreement

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The Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany,

German reunification

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The Unification Treaty and the celebrations on 3 October 1990